Land Book displays country portfolios and country pages, both of which contain country-level data and information related to land governance.

The country portfolios are developed in collaboration with local partner organizations and contain a comprehensive amount of data and information.

The country pages are less comprehensive than portfolios, but still provide users with a wide range of data and information.

Depending on the Country Portfolio or Country Page selected, users can access:

1) Written narratives that describe the main land governance issues relevant to the chosen country.

2) A list of over 529 indicators and 27 datasets from a wide range of information providers

3) Innovative tools for organizing, visualizing, and analyzing indicator data

4) Relevant newsevents, and blogs

5) Information on land-focused organizations working in the country

6) Relevant Land Library resources

Simply on click a country and let the exploration begin!



The Land Book follows the classification made by the ISO 3166-1 "Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions" (including Kosovo with code "XKX")


Country Pages